Coton Coco

Can you resist such a face!

Come and enjoy the sweetest companion you could ever have! The Coton de Tulear. Rare and elegent with aristocratic heritage developed in Madagascar by the royal families. These attentive, loving, playful little white balls of cotton (Coton) will surely chase the blues away and win your heart. And they are considered hypoallergenic We provide a contract, health guarantee, microchipping, and up to date vaccinations. We live in beautiful Colorado and can arrange to deliver your precious new family member to you.

All of our puppies are reserved. Be sure to check back in the fall of 2015.

Click here to view albums of the growth and lives of our previous Coton litters.

The puppies are growing up in our home. They have been part of our family since conception. We share the bedroom at night, the kitchen during the day (I'm old fashioned and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, including fixing nutritious fresh food for our pets), and relax together in our living room in the evenings. So, they are used to the hustle and bustle of company, children and pets.

Our four legged Coton de Tulear Pack

The males: Remy, Tannerr

The girls: Coco, Bonnie, Chloe, Giselle

Our retired girls

Our retired boys

The Coton de Tulear stamp of Madagascar.


P1010081_2.jpg lily.jpg sp3.jpg 031110_4786pup3.jpg 022710_4521visiting.jpg 6w050811_7348.jpg 7w051311_7387.jpg travis.jpg 2011Rubi092411_0119-10wk.jpg 070609_1074.jpg 071509_1356.jpg 071509_1391.jpg 021911_6484.jpg 100309_2678touscon-.jpg 072709_1129.jpg 110809_3201.jpg 072709_1153.jpg 083111_8107-7wk.jpg 092811_0027-11wk.jpg 100709_2742codysummer.jpg 110809_3150.jpg flowers.jpg 111109_3678.jpg bc8.jpg DSC_0170.jpg jj.jpg kia2.jpg P1010082.jpg ss3girls5wk_091509_2239.jpg ss3weeksJune09_062209_0762.jpg ss5-08-5wk.jpg ss5wk_pupswillie.jpg ss09calbutter-copy.jpg ss040810_5162.jpg ss070609_1079.jpg ss071509_1350.jpg ss073009_1226.jpg ss073009_1511-2.jpg ss073109_1189-2.jpg ss080909_1564.jpg ss081309_1724-2.jpg ss082509_1738.jpg ss082509_1851.jpg ss093009_2394.jpg ss093009_2563.jpg ss093009_2568.jpg ss093009_2590.jpg ss100709_2703.jpg ss100709_2705.jpg ss110809travis3.jpg ss110809tucson5.jpg ss111109_3677.jpg ss111909_3598.jpg ss112909_4044.jpg ss112909_4126.jpg ss112909_4187.jpg ss112909_4196.jpg ssAnnetteP1010080.jpg ssAuntieRubiwpups.jpg ssBonnie031611_6437.jpg ssBonnie031611_6464.jpg ssBonnie031611_6857.jpg ssbonnie031611_6947.jpg ssBoP1010277.jpg ssChanel031611_6441.jpg ssChanel031611_6474.jpg ssChanel031611_6933.jpg ssColtonP1010294.jpg ssCute070109_0878-copy.jpg ssDaisy072709_1139.jpg ssDaisy072709_1140.jpg ssDSC_0450.jpg ssFall103109_3096.jpg ssGorgeoous040810_5171.jpg ssDSC_0001.jpg ssP1010068.jpg ssP1010070.jpg ssP1010073.jpg ssP1010077a.jpg ssPB110246.jpg ssPeekP1010093.jpg sspray092309_2319.jpg ssQuinbyPB020231.jpg ssRanger012711_6775.jpg ssRangera012711_6789.jpg ssrebo031611_6942.jpg ssTrixie2.jpg ssVisiting073009_1287.jpg ssVisiting073009_1312.jpg ssP9140178.jpg

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Check out the gorgeous new ACC Coton de Tulear 2014 calendar.

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